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SocialConnect/Auth is modern open-source social sign library for PHP.

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  • Functional: support 30+ providers such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, GitHub, Vk and another.
  • Completely: We supports all social sign standarts: OAuth1/OAuth2/OpenID/OpenIDConnect.
  • Follow standards: We follow PSR-7/PSR-17/PSR-18 standards.
  • Modular: Use only what, that you need, see architecture overview.
  • Quality: CodeCoverage with 80%+ and We are using static analyzers.

System requirements

Before We start, you should known related requirements for your environment:

  • PHP 7.1 or above.
  • PHP Sessions (or use stateless mode for OAuth2 and OpenID Connect)
  • Curl extension (or you can use stream adapter)
  • JSON extension